10 Reasons Clean Carpets Are Important




Did you know that the average indoor carpet holds 200,000 bacteria per square inch?

While regular vacuuming is essential, it’s not enough to keep your carpets truly clean.

There are so many reasons that keeping clean carpets are important.

Let’s take a look at ten of the most compelling reasons to keep your carpets clean.

Clean Carpets

1. Extends the Lifespan of Your Carpet

How long a carpet lasts has a lot to do with how well-maintained it is.

Other factors do impact how long your carpet lasts, such as how much foot traffic it sees and the quality of the carpet backing. Without utilizing the power of regular carpet cleaning, however, you’re basically guaranteeing that your carpet won’t last as long as it could.

A well-maintained carpet could last as long as fifteen years.

The busiest areas of your carpeting should be vacuumed daily, but less heavily trafficked spots only require being vacuumed two to three times each week. You’ll also want to schedule regular deep cleans for your carpet.

2. Protects Your Health

Carpets make for great flooring, but if they aren’t kept clean, they can harbor a lot of unwanted particles and tiny critters.

Dander, pollen, and dirt can get trapped in your carpeting.

Microscopic dust mites can thrive in unclean carpets.

A dirty carpet is also a potential breeding ground for mold and fungus.

Do any of these things sound like what you want in your business or your home? Most likely not. Keeping a clean carpet removes these allergens and ensures that they don’t damage your health.

3. Improves Air Quality

Not only do unpleasant things flourish in a dirty carpet, but they frequently get kicked up into the air of your office or home, too.

A regular schedule of carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning will ensure that your customers and employees aren’t standing in a cloud of allergens and mold spores.

A dirty carpet is filled with all kinds of unwanted things, like pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, and remnants of toxic gases. Keeping your carpet clean ensures that people aren’t breathing in harmful stuff when they’re walking around your office.

4. Improves the Look and Feel of a Space

You want your business and your home to always look it’s best.

No matter how dust-free the surfaces are or how crystal clear your windows are, a dingy carpet is going to make your space seem unkempt.

Your flooring not only affects the way a room looks but also the way a room feels. While it may be subtle, your customers and employees will appreciate the quality of walking over a fluffy, clean carpet versus a tamped-down, dirty one.

5. Protects Your Investment

If you have to replace your carpet more often because you skimped on keeping it clean, you’re going to feel it in your maintenance budget.

Your carpeting wasn’t cheap. One of the best ways to protect the investment you made into your flooring is to maintain a schedule of carpet cleaning.

6. Removes Unpleasant Smells

Have you ever heard of Olfactory fatigue?

This phrase refers to the normal phenomenon of getting so used to odors that you no longer smell them.

What that means is that your office or home might have smells that are very noticeable to clients or guests but that you don’t smell at all. That’s a little scary, isn’t it?

An easy way to combat this potentially embarrassing problem is maintaining a regular carpet care schedule.

7. Removes Stains and Spots

Nothing makes a room look less professional or classy than a giant coffee stain or greasy spot.

If your office or home experiences a lot of traffic, spills are bound to happen from time to time. Commercial floor cleaning can ensure that your carpets look brand new even after the office Christmas party.

8. Keeps Your Business Looking Professional and Your Home Looking Pristine

Your clients will have their first impression of your company the second they walk into your business.

Do you want that impression to be of stained carpets and an odd smell?

Probably not. On the other hand, that first impression could be one of professionalism, high-quality taste, and the subtly positive quality of clean air.

9. Breathes New Life Into the Room

Even if you can’t afford to do a full remodel of your office or home, having your carpet professionally cleaned will make any room feel brand new.

If you’re feeling like your office or home seems tired and dull, try a professional carpet cleaning or hardwood floor cleaning. Honestly, it could make all the difference in the world.

10. Improves Productivity

It’s now known that a clean and organized office boosts productivity and employee well-being.

On the flip-side, an unclean and disorganized office space can increase the feelings of anxiety during the decision making process for both your employees and your customers.

Not only will your employees be more productive because of the perception of cleanliness, but they’ll also be more productive because they’ll be healthier and happier. If you could quantify your return on investment, you wouldn’t ever think twice about regularly cleaning your carpets!

Why Wouldn’t You Want Clean Carpets?

Having clean carpets is more important than we might initially assume. If the carpets in your business or home aren’t being regularly cleaned, you’re missing out on living in a healthier, more comfortable, and happier environment.

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