3 tips for cleaning your carpet




If you have a carpet, naturally it can start to lose its new appearance. Stains, outside dirt, smoke, and other bacteria all get trapped in your carpet’s fibers, causing the colors of your carpet to look dull. Luckily, there are ways to restore your carpet.

Start with a light cleaning
Get out your vacuum and its attachment tools. Get all the dirt and debris out that you can as this cleans deep beyond the surface of your carpet and allows for you to get cleaning products in the fibers.

Apply cleaning solution
Next, apply a proper cleaning solution. You can purchase products specifically for microfibers and such or you can use a homemade solution.

Apply a fabric protector
After a thorough cleaning, apply a fabric protector. This can keep future stains from building up.

Contact us for a professional cleaning
Old stubborn stains can be the worst and it’s ok if you just don’t have the time or resources to clean your carpet. If you need a more comprehensive cleaning, Steam Wave Carpet & Upholstery Care is your go-to cleaners. We are located just north of the metro Dallas area and provide a full range of carpet cleaning and upholstery care services.