4 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them




Carpets are back in full force, so we need to know how to clean them.

On one hand, carpet gives your home a warmth that you don’t get with tile, hardwood, or laminate. On the other, your carpet is an effective trap for dust and debris, which means you need to have a daily carpet cleaning routine.

Knowing how to properly clean your carpet starts with knowing what not to do. In this post, we’re going to tell you 4 of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes that homeowners make. 

When it comes to carpet, persistence is key. Keep reading and learn how to make sure your carpet stays cozy and doesn’t become a haven for stains and allergens.

1. Leaving Stains for Too Long

When carpet spills and stains appear, whether it’s something you spilled or the cat vomited, you need to get on them right away. The longer a stain has to ingrain itself into your carpet, the more impossible it’ll be to get out.

Unfortunately, you can’t always monitor your carpet for stains. All you can do is start cleaning as soon as you notice it. Even if it’s something solid like food, you should get to it quickly, or else it’ll keep breaking down and be harder to clean later on.

2. Rubbing Stains

With liquid stains, the worst thing you can do is vigorously rub them to try and wipe them out of the carpet. Not only will this probably push the stain further into the carpet, but with certain types of carpets, it’s also likely to damage and fray the carpet fibers.

Once you’ve soaked up the liquid with paper towels, the next move is to use a cleaning solution of your choice on the stain. Spray the affected area and keep dabbing it with a paper towel, which should help you absorb the stain out of the carpet and into the towel.

3. Neglecting Professional Help

When you’ve got a tricky stain, don’t keep trying to clean it yourself. Your best bet is to be proactive and call a professional carpet cleaner to get it out for you. At Steam Wave, we’ve got the carpet cleaning supplies necessary to steam clean your carpet back to perfection.

No matter what type of stain you’re dealing with, we can handle it. Contact us ASAP and we’ll get to your carpet right away.

4. Not Vacuuming Daily

Vacuuming is an important part of carpet cleaning. Having carpet means that debris is constantly being trapped in it, whether it’s cat dander or your child’s leftover food.

You should try to vacuum the carpet daily to remove these allergens. The longer they’re left to sit on and in your carpet, the more likely you’re going to see a drop in air quality, or worse, mold growth beneath your floorboards.

Don’t Make These Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Carpet cleaning isn’t most homeowners’ idea of fun, but taking it seriously will help you avoid these common carpet cleaning mistakes. As long as you’re cognizant of the mess your carpet is soaking up and proactive when accidents occur, you can keep your carpet in good shape for a long time.

If you’re in need of a steam cleaner for your carpet, contact us today at Steam Wave for fast, affordable, and top-notch carpet cleaning services.