5 Benefits of Disinfectant Fogging



More people than ever have been cleaning and disinfecting their homes and offices over the past couple of years because of COVID-19.

While these store-bought cleaning supplies help, they aren’t as strong as other options. Additionally, they rely on people following the directions carefully in order for them to work. 

With disinfectant fogging, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the process is effective. Disinfectant fogging involves spraying a space with a chemical mist that kills germs, leaving you with a safe and bacteria-free room.

Ready to find out why fogging may be the right option for your space? Keep reading for five benefits of disinfectant fogging. 

1. Kills Germs, Bacteria, and Allergens

The normal method of cleaning is to wipe down high-touch surfaces with a disinfectant. While this is helpful, it isn’t as effective as disinfectant fogging. 

Fog disinfecting doesn’t just help clean dirty surfaces, it eliminates bacteria and germs to completely sanitize your space. 

Not only that, but fog disinfectant can improve indoor air quality by getting rid of things like mold and other allergens. This helps keep anyone entering your home or office safe and healthy. 

2. It’s Safe

You might be thinking, Sure, fog disinfectant kills harmful germs, but is it safe?

The answer is yes. The chemicals used in fogging disinfection have to be approved by the EPA, meaning they’re safe for both humans and animals. 

Even if you have pets or children running around your home, there shouldn’t be any worries about them coming into contact with the mist once your space is disinfected. 

3. Covers More Surface Area

Trying to disinfect a large room can take hours if you want to do a good job. 

With disinfectant fogging, spraying the mist to clean a room is quick and easy. This makes it an ideal disinfectant option for larger spaces like offices or multi-level houses. 

Within a few minutes, an entire room can be disinfected and every surface area effectively covered. 

4. It’s Fast-Acting

Another advantage of fog disinfectant is that it dries very quickly. 

Once the fog is sprayed, it only takes a handful of minutes for surfaces to be dry to the touch. This means that the process of disinfecting, as well as the process of the mist drying, is over in no time at all.  

5. Deodorizes Spaces

Getting rid of germs and bacteria is great, but what about when your space has a smelly odor you want to get rid of?

Disinfectant fogging can take care of this issue as well. Whether it’s the smell of old garbage, a sweaty gym, or cigarette smoke, having your space disinfected with chemical fogging is a great way to deodorize the indoors. 

Choose Disinfectant Fogging to Keep Your Space Clean

Disinfectant fogging is an effective, easy, and quick way to leave your space germ-free. The mist covers all surfaces with ease and is safe for everyone who might be coming and going from a home or office. 

Contact us today to have any questions about fog disinfectant answered and see how our services can help you.