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Steam Wave came today and it's like we have brand new carpet! They got stains out that had sat for months, including pet, coffee, and wine stains! Plus, Clay and Alex could not have been nicer people; they were super-accommodating and fun to chat with. I highly recommend.

-Brooklyn, Denver, Co

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Common store bought carpet cleaning products leave residues and set stains, making it harder for the educated cleaner to neutralize and extract these problem areas from your floors and carpets.  It is best not to use any store bought products to clean areas, it's always best to have a professional assess these problems.

There is a science & art in the carpet cleaning industry.  A real professional is well aware of the methods that need to be taken in the process of cleaning.

Vacuuming your carpets, rugs and upholstery ends the long term results of pollen, dust, dander and dirt that get pushed and matted deep into the fibers of your floors and furniture.  It is recommended by the iicrc institution of carpet cleaning that you vacuum once a week for every person in your household.

So if your household has four people then vacuum four times a week.  It is good maintenance prevents damage and will prolong the life of your floors and fibers.

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