Fog Cleaning

Fog Cleaning Service

Disinfecting Homes and Businesses

With current situations, disinfecting your home or office has never been more important. Fog cleaning or fog disinfecting services are made for this purpose. Using a fog cleaner allows viruses, bacteria and fungi to be eliminated and your property to be cleaned and sanitized.

Commercial and Residential

Our fog disinfectant service can be used in homes and businesses. A disinfectant fogger can clean and sanitize your home or office quickly and efficiently. Our cleaning system generates a fog or mist formed by Ultra Low Volume droplets between 5 – 50 Microns in Diameter. This allows all surfaces to be cleaned. For you business or office, keeping not only your employees safe and healthy, but your customers is incredibly important. Stop the spread of viruses like the flu, cold and coronavirus today!

Benefits of Fog Cleaning

Fog disinfecting has many benefits. Aside from the obvious sanitation benefits there are other reasons you should consider fog cleaning for your home or business.

  • Effective Method to Sanitize, Clean, and Improve Quality of Produce – Using a fogging service is faster and more effective than traditional cleaning. The mist allows us to clean every surface, where traditional cleaning methods struggle to accomplish.
  • Materials are Compliant with Food and Safety Standards – The materials used for fog cleaning or safe for food and other sensitive materials.
  • Saves Time– Since the fog is sprayed in to the air and cleans surfaces as it comes in contact with them, cleaning an entire home or office goes much faster. During a time of heightened need, like cold and flu season or a pandemic, a fog or spray cleaning provides an efficient way to clean and sanitize your property.

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