How Much Is Carpet Cleaning? A Price Guide




Carpet cleaning is one of those tasks that should happen every six months or so. Yet, many people put it off or take a DIY approach with it.

This happens despite the fact that professional carpet cleaning services typically use much more powerful truck systems or pro-grade portable units. These professional machines almost always outperform consumer machines and leave your carpet cleaner.

Given that people go to such lengths to avoid getting their carpets cleaned, it begs a financial question. How much is carpet cleaning?

Are the carpet cleaning rates so high that no one wants to pay it? Keep reading and find out the truth.

Locations Differences

One thing that often gets lost in the shuffle of pricing is that location plays a huge role in how much services cost. For example, office space in major markets like LA or Chicago cost dramatically more than commercial space in rural Tennessee.

Businesses must include those higher operating costs in their business budget, which means their rates will go up or down based on local conditions. In essence, you must assume your costs for carpet cleaning will trend higher than the national average if you live in a major city. By the same token, you can probably expect cheaper carpet cleaning prices if you live in a smaller community or city.

Service Differences

Another factor that influences the cost of carpet cleaning is the type of service in question. For example, a residential carpet cleaning service will often run more per square foot than commercial carpet cleaning. Since commercial jobs often involve more square footage, they often get a discounted rate.

In the same way, a standard residential cleaning might run less than residential deep cleaning. The tools or cleaning agents involved may change based on the type of cleaning, which can also affect the overall price of the service.

Typical Carpet Cleaning Rates

In general, carpet cleaning services average approximately $0.30 per square foot. With that being said, many businesses offer deals. For example, a business might clean a fixed number of rooms for a fixed rate, such as 3 rooms for $99.

Businesses that offer these deals typically put some kind of limit on them. They might say that they consider anything under 200 square feet a room. Anything over 200 square feet counts as two rooms.

These kinds of deals can often bring down the per square foot cost of carpet cleaning and make it reasonable for most homeowners.

How Much Is Carpet Cleaning?

There is no absolute answer to the question, “How much is carpet cleaning?”

Your location can drive the cost up or down. The level of service you want can affect the overall price. Even the size of your rooms can push the price up or down, depending on how a cleaning service defines rooms.

In general, though, you can get excellent service at a reasonable price for your location through deals offered by a local service.

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