How to Deal With the Aftermath of a Flooded House




Depending on your situation, you may believe that you’ll never experience a flooded house. Perhaps your area doesn’t get hurricanes and/or heavy rains. Maybe you don’t live right next to a lake or ocean. 

However, the weather and bodies of water aren’t the only things that can cause a flood. Dams can collapse and send water rushing toward your home. Your home can also flood itself if its plumbing system fails. 

Therefore, it’s not a good idea to assume that you won’t need to know how to deal with a flooded house. Read on to learn some steps to take. You may just save a large portion of your home and prized possessions. 

Cut the Power

Electricity easily passes through water. Anyone that walks into electrified water can be instantly electrocuted. For this reason, you need to make sure the power in your home is cut off before you re-enter the building. 

You may be able to call your energy company and have them perform this service. If not, call an electrician. 

Document Damage

Once your home is powered down, you can re-enter the home. If there’s still standing water, do what you can to protect yourself from it. Put on gloves, boots, and any other protective gear. 

Start documenting the water damage you see on your furniture, walls, floors, and such. This will help you deal with your home insurance company later. 

Start Drying Your Flooded House Immediately 

The sooner that you deal with flood damage, the more of your home and possessions you can save.

Your first task should be to remove the standing water from your home. It’s best to use a pump to do this. Using fans and dehumidifiers as well as opening the windows can also help. 

You should also remove any damp furniture from the flooded areas to dry them separately. Just remember that there’s no guarantee that you can save them. 

Contact a Water Restoration Service 

Once the house is dry, things can get tricky for the average homeowner. Restoring a house to its former state before the flood damage can require several complicated steps. The process may go as far as removing sections of damaged drywall and flooring. 

You can perform these tasks yourself. However, if you haven’t performed these tasks before, you may make several mistakes as you do them.

It’s better to hire professional restorers to handle the job. With their level of experience, they are more likely to get your home in its best post-flood shape. 

If You’re Dealing With a Flooded House, Consider Our Services

In sum, there’s no need to panic if your home floods. Most of the steps that you need to take are quite simple. You can leave the rest to the professionals. 

Also, if you’re dealing with a flooded house, consider our services. We offer a full range of fire and flood restoration services alongside our home cleaning ones. Contact us today to request a free estimate for any of our services.