How to Find and Fix a Leaking Water Pipe in Your Home




For any house, water leaks and broken pipes cause major issues.

Since the pressure on the water in supply pipes is often very high, if a pipe or fitting springs a leak, the water will typically shoot out with a lot of force. If not, your home may experience a slow leak that causes more problems over time and is hard to locate.

Do you think your home may have a leaking water pipe? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re sharing how to find and fix a broken water pipe to mitigate and water damage that may be caused!

How to Find a Leaking Pipe

Due to high pressure, leaks in pipes, whether they be above or inside walls, are typically rather evident.

Water spraying inside the wall or ceiling is frequently audible. The drywall gets moist, especially where the panel seams are concerned. And the base frequently collects water.

Water is able to move up joists and other interior frames. This is why it can stain a wall or ceiling some distance from the leak itself. It’s also possible for a leak to be directly above if there is staining or dripping from the ceiling. Grab a flashlight and inspect the pipes in the basement or crawlspace if there are no stains or dripping overhead as proof.

How to Fix a Broken Water Pipe With Plumber’s Tape

If the leak persists even after you’ve tightened the coupling nut, it’s possible that the waterproof seals in the pipe threads are damaged or no longer functional.

Plumber’s tape works well as a sealant to stop leaks in a hurry. It is practical as a leaky pipe repair on threads and fittings due to the material’s flexibility and simplicity of application.

Remove the coupling nut connecting the P trap to the pipe that drains the sink from its connection. Move the P trap away from the draining pipe by loosening the other coupling nut.

Then apply a length of plumber’s tape around the pipe’s threads as directed by the manufacturer.

How to Fix a Broken Water Pipe With Epoxy Putty

As a temporary remedy for a leaky pipe, use epoxy putty or pipe putty. Pipe putty is made to seal the hole or crack and harden at room temperature.

Cut off the house’s water supply pipe.

Draining the broken line and making sure it is clean and dry before patching it can help the epoxy putty adhere to the pipe effectively.

Remove enough plumbing epoxy putty from the surface to completely cover the area around the leak.

The putty should be worked up until it is soft enough to use. Then mold the putty onto the leaking area to seal it.

Turn on the water flow and look for leaks when the putty has fully dried.

Call the Professionals to Deal With the Damage of a Leaking Water Pipe

As you can see, it’s not a simple task to go about fixing a broken water pipe on your own. Plus, these are only temporary solutions. If you don’t have the tools or the time to find or fix a leaking pipe, then you need to call the professionals to get it done the right way.

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