Leather Cleaning

Leather Furniture Cleaning in Dallas Metro

Steam Wave Carpet & Upholstery Care

If you’ve invested in a leather sofa, you’ve probably discovered that upkeep seems pretty simple. Most spills can be wiped up and pet hair doesn’t become embedded like it does with fabric pieces. However, Steam Wave Carpet & Upholstery Care highly recommends periodic leather furniture cleaning to keep all of your leather pieces looking great and lasting for years and even decades to come.

First, we’ll determine what method of cleaning is necessary based on the type of leather you have – yes, there are many types! Next, professional-quality products (from the best suppliers in the world) will be worked deep into leather, allowing the pores to open and release oil, impurities and grime. A treatment will then be applied to restore sheen and protect the leather from future damage.

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3 Reasons Why Leather Furniture Cleaning is Essential

Unless you leave your leather couch wrapped in its original plastic, wear and tear is inevitable over time. Next thing you know, stains appear and the appearance is ruined. Here are just some of the reasons why you should have your leather furniture cleaned by Steam Wave:

Common & Airborne Contaminants – Cooking oils to pet dander, dirt and other pollutants, leather isn’t completely immune from dust and grime. Eventually, they penetrate your leather and cause damage.

Grease & Body Oil – It’s not unusual for body oils or tracked in grease to make their way into your most frequently used leather furniture. Instead of replacing items, give Steam Wave a call for expert cleaning.

Ink Stains and More – Whether one of the kids decided to draw on your sofa with a permanent ink pen, or your new jeans transferred dyes, there’s hope for these stains with proper leather furniture cleaning.

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