Living with Furry Friends: 4 Tips to Remove Pet Stains from Carpet




remove pet stains from carpet

Rufus darts into the room, excited to greet you. But unfortunately, you weren’t ready for him. Now, the glass of red wine that you were holding is on the carpet.

Now, all you want to do is cry. Then swear. Then cry some more.

The reality is, accidents happen. However, living with pets doesn’t have to be hard on your floors. Here’s a rundown on how to remove pet stains from carpet quickly and easily using four tips.

Let’s get started!

1. Avoid Rubbing When Trying to Remove Pet Stains from Carpet

When trying to get a stain out of a carpet, blot up the debris or wet spot that you are trying to remove. Don’t rub the stain or debris, as this will only make it spread and thus make it harder to remove.

To blot up your debris or spot, use a rag that is color safe, or use a power towel that absorbs liquids. Apply a large amount of pressure to the rag/towel until the spot on the carpet is just about dry. 

2. Avoid Applying Heat

Thinking about applying heat to your carpet’s pet stains? Don’t.

The problem with using steam or hot water is that it can permanently set your stains. Likewise, it can set the smells in the carpet.

The reason for this is that heat bonds solid waste’s or urine’s proteins into any manmade material, including your carpet. 

In light of this, use room-temperature or cool water to remove the stains from your carpet. 

3. Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Once you discover your pet’s stains on your carpet, your first inclination may be to disinfect your floors. However, it is critical that you avoid using cleaning products or chemicals that are harsh.

As a general rule of thumb, natural ingredients simply work better for cleaning up natural messes. By using natural materials, you protect your floor long term.

4.  Use Vinegar and Baking Soda

Consider creating a natural pet stain remover using vinegar and baking soda

First, blot up your stain residue. Then, wet your carpet by gently spraying vinegar in the area and allowing it to remain there for a few minutes. 

Afterward, add baking soda to the moist area. The soda will start to bubble and then become dry. A few hours later, vacuum up this dry residue for a clean, stain-free carpet. 

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