Top 6 Reasons to Clean Your Rugs



Cleaning your area rugs and oriental rugs in the Dallas area is important for many reasons. At Steam Wave Carpet Care, we provide several rug cleaning solutions to fit your needs. No rug is too big, no rug us too small, we have a solution for any size rug you have.

Some area rugs receive a lot of traffic, maybe they are positioned in an entry way or living area. Others may receive very little traffic, so cleaning these rugs may not need to be as frequent. Regardless of the location of your rug, you’ll want to make sure to have them cleaned regularly.

Rug Cleaning Dallas

Why is cleaning a Rug Important?

Cleaning Rugs Prolongs Life – Regular cleaning using the extraction method can help keep your rugs looking new and prolong their life. The same applies to your regular carpet. Cleaning rugs regularly will keep them fluffy and looking new.

Removes Spots and Stain – Rugs develop spots and stains over time and cleaning your rug will remove those. Between pets and parties rugs can take a beating. Pet urine, nacho dip, wine and other foods or beverages can leave serious stains. Cleaning your rugs allows us to take those spots, treat them and you’ll never know they were there.

Enhances the Appearance of the Room – A well maintained rug makes the room really look good. Some of our clients have really large rugs that really add to the overall feel of the room. They wouldn’t be nearly as great if they were dirty, torn or looked worn.

Prevents build up of bacteria – Moist soiling of carpets can result in the buildup of several unhealthy contaminants. Cleaning your rugs regularly keeps the bacteria out.

Removes dust mites and bedbugs – Carpets may foster various household pests such as dust mites and bedbugs. Cleaning your rugs regularly keeps them out. If you have a pest control service, that will absolutely help too. But, sometimes they don’t spray inside the home and making sure you rug is clean will prevent dust mites and bedbugs from taking root.

Protects indoor air quality – Carpets and rugs both trap airborne pollutants. Took keep your indoor air quality in a good place, cleaning your rugs regularly will help. And that really goes for carpet.

Most rugs are not an inexpensive purchase and making sure they are well maintained is important to protect the investment you’ve made in them. I’m sure you remember picking out your rugs. If your experience was like ours, it is one of the harder items to pick out for the home. So, save your self some time, protect your investment and have your area rugs and oriental rugs cleaned regularly.

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