What Are the Health Benefits of Clean Carpets?




Carpets remain a prevalent choice of flooring in the US. 51% of American homes have them. 

If you live in one of those homes, it’s essential to have clean carpets. We never really stop to think about why we vacuum the carpet. It just seems to be an everyday chore that we’re used to. 

The best way to keep your carpet clean is to use a professional carpet cleaning service. Giving your carpeted floor regular cleaning and maintenance has a whole host of health benefits. 

Here are a few.

Clean Carpets Means Clean Air

Indoor air quality has become an issue for many people worried about air pollution in general. 

If you don’t maintain your carpet, it will trap pollutants like pet dander, dirt and dust, and sometimes even lead. All manner of activities can release these trapped pollutants. Even simply walking across your carpet is enough. 

Professional carpet cleaners solve this issue by using specialized shampoos designed to remove the trapped pollutants, however deep into the carpet they may be. 

This will help improve the overall air quality in your home and make a noticeable difference to people who suffer from asthma. 

Say Goodbye to Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that eat skin cells that humans have shed into their carpets, upholstery, and linens. They are known for causing allergies. 

Due to their small size, any given house could potentially have millions of dust mites in it. Whilst they’re not a visible problem, this many mites will wreak havoc on someone with allergies.

Companies that offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services will eradicate your house of these blights by steam cleaning surfaces where they are known to live. This will kill them and massively reduce the risk of you having to deal with them again. 

Mould Won’t Grow

If you live somewhere that’s very humid. You may have mould issues in your home. 

Whilst mould is usually found in rooms like the bathroom, carpets are very absorbant of standing water. Damp carpets can be a fertile breeding ground for mould spores. These spores can cause respiratory issues and lead to a general decline in health. 

A carpet cleaner will be able to rid your carpets of any mould spores. They can use a drying agent to eliminate any mould that is in the carpet. Mould can often be a recurring problem, so the drying agent will also reduce the risk of the mould returning.

Reducing the amount of mould in your home will lead to noticeable health benefits. You’ll be able to breathe better and enjoy better quality air inside. 

Hire a Cleaning Service Today

So now you know the health benefits of keeping clean carpets. Now it’s time to see the results for yourself. 

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